Bath Society of Botanical Artists


All images and text © BSBA 2016

BSBA’s Exhibition September 2015

The Art of Pollination - blooms, butterflies and bees

One of our most successful exhibitions! Over an 18-month period our 40+ Members and Friends produced nearly 100 paintings and illustrations of plants and their pollinators.

There were framed artworks on the walls, miniatures in cabinets and detailed illustrations of the pollination process. The artworks were supported by large hanging information panels explaining the process and importance of pollination. Members had spent a couple of amusing afternoons making huge papier mâché representations of pollen-balls, demonstrating their enormous variation in shape, colour and size. We hung the pollen-balls in the windows to the delight of passers-by.

Helen Browning OBE (an organic livestock farmer in Wiltshire and Chief Executive of the Soil Association) opened the exhibition with a passionate speech about the importance of creating a balance between food production and ecology - a balance where both can thrive.

Heather Angel, the internationally renowned nature photographer, gave a sell-out illustrated talk on her new book Pollination: visual insights to accompany the exhibition.

We received numerous compliments on the high standard of work but, more than this, we helped people gain a better understanding of the importance of protecting our pollinators. And what we can all do - in gardens or through local groups - to support them.